In the past few months we have all spent A LOT more time at home in comparison to usual. Which has let us decorate, envision and embrace new trending home inspirations. Here at Delilah Chloe we wanted to give you some hints and tips on the upcoming 2021 home trends and styles. As well as how you can perfectly place your Delilah Chloe luxury home fragrance in your home.


Reclaimed and recycled furniture sales are set to rocket in 2021. Consumers are becoming more conscientious of what they are buying and putting in their home to try and be more environmental. Furniture can be sustainable in a number of ways. If you’re looking to buy new, make sure the materials used when creating the product are sustainable, either recycled or reclaimed materials. On the contrary you could buy second hand furniture so it doesn’t go to landfill, and if you’re not 100% on the product you could upcycle it yourself! Endless of opportunities to help your home become more sustainable and inline with the 2021 home trends! 


Following on from sustainable furniture, people are also using pieces of furniture for multiple reasons. Such as shelving units for desks and trying to incorporate stylish, practical, and sustainability into one piece of furniture for their home. Neutral, earthy minimalistic shades are the colour schemes that are being incorporated along with natural woods/material on show. Multi use space is SO functional especially in a smaller home as your space looks sleek stylish and most importantly is useful for you. It screams less is more, which takes us onto the next trend!


The Scandinavian style which is minimalistic simple and functional is the trendiest way to decorate your house in the new year. The must have 2021 home trend. Quite similar to the Japanese style where they incorporate natural wood and organic materials into their designs and furniture. Using large open airy comfortable spaces and combining traditional styles whilst prioritising a functional home. This style organises yet accentuates any space in the home, whilst keeping it looking sleek and fresh.


Due to COVID using your own outdoor space had been a safe haven for most of us and we have become thankful for what we have. Making it a warm and welcoming cosy winter balcony which can transition into a fun and vibrant area come summer! Incorporating outdoor furniture with inside luxuries such as fluffy blankets and big pillows can help you feel relaxed and at one. Perfect to use after a day at work to chill out and unwind with your Serenity Candle to give you a moment of relaxation.


Due to COVID a lot of us have been working from home (WFH) instead of being with in the office, which is super beneficial as it saves time commuting and is more cost efficient. WFH is set to become the norm as companies have realised that great results can still be achieved away from the office. However, with the being said it is so important to have a clean and productive space in your home so you can work efficiently! Our luxury diffusers can give your space a gorgeous long-lasting fragrance for the day! Whether you have a lot of space to play around with or a smaller one we have some great ideas for you.  

  • Room dividers are perfect to transition yourself from that comfy sofa at night to a productive work space through the day.
  • Standing desks are great for your health and productivity as it allows you to adjust the height and sit down if you want to.
  • Shelving as desk areas are a 10/10 for any home, especially smaller ones as it allows you to have storage area for your personal things but gives you a productive space to work from.


This year Pantone have selected 2 colours, Illuminating and Ultimate Grey. 

A marriage of colour conveying a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting.

Both these colours are used to inspire and elevate us in the comfort of our own homes. Something we think is super important going forward into 2021! 

We hope you our tips have helped you design and decorate your home for 2021! Tag us in your home style pictures, showing off your favourite Delilah Chloe product in your gorgeous home.

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