Home Spa Experience with Delilah Chloe’s Serenity Set

Currently the world is suffering in many ways from the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether that be job related, lockdown related or just fear of the unknown. All being said this can cause you to feel stressed, anxious and unsure of what the future holds, hence the importance to relax and rejuvenate yourself every once in a while. 

Sometimes life gets super busy and we forget to relax our bodies and our minds. We all love a good spa day, but we don’t all love the price that comes with it. Delilah Chloe have the perfect set for you to create the spa experience from your home. Que the calming music..

With a delightful blend of Lemongrass and Lime top notes, mixed with Nutmeg, Ginger and Eucalyptus heart notes combined with Patchouli, White Wood and Vanilla base notes. Our serenity scent has been perfectly crafted to capture a moment of true relaxation. So, sit back, relax and revitalise yourself with our new serenity set

Set the mood

It is essential to be in a relaxed mindset to thoroughly enjoy your spa experience, and sometimes it can be a struggle to get in that head space when at home. A tidy home is a tidy mind, so make sure there is no mess or clutter surrounding you, and if there is quickly move it so you can unwind and appreciate your at home spa experience.

First of all, put some comfy clothes on and find a calming playlist to help you relax. Light our serenity candle and close your eyes for five minutes to soak away those daily qualms. 

Destress yourself

It is important to relieve your body of any tension that has built up. This can be done by doing some simple yoga or stretches for five to ten minutes. Whilst you are doing this you can run yourself a nice hot bubble bath and use our serenity wax melt in the bathroom to relax yourself into a dreamy head space. You could even read your favourite book!

Using our serenity hand and body wash whilst bathing will give you a gentle yet deep cleanse leaving your skin feeling fresh with a subtle relaxing fragrance! Finish off by using our serenity hand and body lotion to soothe and calm the skin, protecting and nourishing them also. 

Finally get into bed and set up your serenity reed diffuser in your bedroom to fall asleep and wakeup each day feeling a little more relaxed.  

Purchase our Serenity Gift Set for £48.

Delilah Chloe’s Serenity Gift Set includes our popular candle jar, wax melt shot, reed diffuser and our hand wash and lotion.