Happy National Gardening Month!

April is national gardening month, and we want to celebrate that with you!

We wanted to share our top 3 reasons why Delilah Chloe loves gardening and celebrating national gardening month:

  • An excuse to get some well needed Vitamin D! Being out and about in the garden when the sun is shining will help improve your Vitamin D level.
  • Spring has sprung which means that seasonal flowers will be blooming all around you! Keep an eye out for Tulips, Sunflowers, Roses and many more!
  • Gardening is said to increase happiness, as the activity brings a sense of peace and wellbeing to your day. A great stress reliving activity after a hard day of work.  

Unsurprisingly, over the last 12 months gardening has become a big part of people’s lives again due to being told to stay home. If being in and out of lockdown for 12 months has taught us one thing, it is to appreciate what we have on our doorstep. Quite literally! 

Of course, you want your garden to be a tranquil and beautiful area for you, your friends, family, and loved ones to relax and enjoy in, but a lot of people are now growing their own herbs, fruits and veggies from theirs! It’s a win win. Beautiful garden and home-grown goodies!

This month when you purchase any candle with Delilah Chloe, you will receive a free bag of seeds, to plant in your candle jar when you have finished burning your favourite Delilah Chloe candle. Simply add some soil and your seeds to the empty candle jar and watch your seeds bloom! 

We are using a mix of seeds to celebrate National Gardening Month such as, Basil, Lavender and Coriander. So, you will have to wait until your seeds grow until you know what you have!

We hope its something fun for you all the enjoy in the Spring months, and its the perfect way to reuse you Delilah Chloe Candle jars! We can’t wait to see your plants bloom. Be sure to tag us in your pictures @delilahchloeUK!