Lockdown Valentine’s Ideas

I bet you never thought you would be spending your 2021 Valentines in Lockdown. Well neither did we, but here we are. Although a lot of us usually tend to celebrate Valentines in the comfort of our own homes most years, not having the option to go out if you burn your home cooked can seem slightly stressful.  So, we have put together some exciting ideas on how you can celebrate Valentines this year, Lockdown style.


There is nothing more romantic than rustling up your favourite meal with your special someone. You can make it exciting and enjoyable, and if you’re a little bit competitive you could even make this into a little competition. You could set the table, lighting a Delilah Chloe candle in the centre of course and then cook the main dish together. Then you can compete against each other with the starer vs dessert. Looser can do the dishes. Sounds a great way to me to have some love and laughter this lockdown Valentines.


If lockdown has taught me one thing it is to make the most of what you’ve got, and in this day and age we have the world at our fingers with phones and tablets. Tik Tok has gone viral in the last 12 months and with more spare time than we can imagine Tik Tok has taken up a good chunk of that! Weekly dance trends and challenges add some fun (and exercise) to the day. Why not have a go with your partner and see if you’ll be entering yourself into the next local dance competition or if you’ll never be doing it again. There are some YouTube tutorials to show you how to use Tik Tok if you’re a technophobe. Make sure you follow us on there and let us know how you get on!


If you’re not feeling to motivated and full of energy at the moment, which can happen to the best of us FYI. Snuggle yourself up on the sofa with your partner and enjoy a movie marathon day. Whether you stick to classic rom coms to keep the romance alive or a marathon of your favourite film genre. Stock up on snacks, get your comfiest outfit on, your favourite Delilah Chloe Luxury Wax Melt in your burner and enjoy a day together full of love laughter and quality time.


We all love to unwind, relax and rejuvenate with our loved ones, especially when romance is in the air. Give each other a massage with our Luxury Delilah Chloe hand and body lotion available in 4 of our signature scents. Run a hot bubble bath and set the mood by lighting lots of candles and wax melt burners, Delilah Chloe ones of course. Play some calming and tranquil music and do your favourite face mask together! You’ll be ending your valentines feeling refreshed and luminous. 


Bring the outside in! There is nothing more pleasurable than getting yourself dressed up and ready for a night out with your special someone. Unfortunately, we cannot do this at the moment, so the second-best option is to do this in your home! Act like you’re going on a date to a cocktail making class and let yourself get all glammed up! Set a time to meet in the kitchen for your date and the night is yours! Make sure you have your Delilah Chloe Luxury Reed Diffuser in the room to give your date a gorgeous aromatic feeling. 

We hope you have a lovely Valentines with your special someone! ?