Reed Diffuser Care Guide

Our Delilah Chloe reed diffusers are perfect for having constant, long-lasting scent flowing through the home, without the need for a flame. Follow our care guide to ensure you get the most gorgeous fragrance from your diffuser.

How to use your Diffuser

  1. Remove your Diffuser bottle and reeds for the tube packaging. Make sure you place your diffuser bottle on a matt or coaster that will protect the surface below.

  2. Carefully unscrew the cap and pop out the seal from within the chrome cap. 

  3. Pop in your 8 reeds, we believe 8 reeds is the magic number of achieving long-lasting fragrance. All of our diffusers use rattan reeds which are naturally porous, allowing for the gradual absorption of the liquid moving up the reeds.

  4. We recommend flipping the reeds every 2 weeks to top up the freshness and keep the scent flowing throughout your room.

Important safety information

  1. Keep away from children and pets. 

  2. If the oil spills, clean up immediately as the oil can cause damage to certain surfaces.

  3.  Always wash your hands after handling the reeds.

  4. Do not place in direct sunlight.

Did you know?

We offer diffuser refills in all our signature scents so you can simply top up your existing Delilah Chloe Diffuser. Each refill comes with a set of new reeds which is highly recommended for continuing to receive fresh, flowing fragrances. Using our refills helps to make our diffusers sustainable and environmentally friendy.