Live on Ribble FM!

Thats a new experience ticked off the list!

On Tuesday 14th April, Kirsty and Carl were given the wonderful opportunity to be live on Ribble FM with Lee & Carol-Ann for their weekly show, “It’s Your Business”.  They spoke about all things business and how they turned their dream into their reality and created our wonderful brand Delilah Chloe.

Delilah Chloe launched just over 12 months ago, before the first national lockdown. Of course, this was a big risk, but it has paid off for us is a number of ways. Some of which we still have a ‘pinch me moment’ when we talk about them. 

Whilst live on Ribble FM we spoke about our new product launches and described some of our scents in detail so listeners could imagine the scents whilst listening – if only we had smell-a-vision! Kirsty and Carl spoke about how they created the brand and even with all the late nights and stressful days, they wouldn’t change it for the world! Both Kirsty and Carl have always been interested in home interiors and design so that’s where their love and passion for luxury home fragrance came from. 

Exciting new product launches are spoke about as well as our new stockists, Salon Business Services. Who are providing Delilah Chloe goodies nationwide for everyone to enjoy. 

To listen again just click HERE!

We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!