The Perfect Staycation Scent ?

Summer is right around the corner and this year we are opting for a staycation.  With the uncertainty of abroad travel, quarantine, vaccinations and the increased prices of flying and staying out of the UK we have decided to enjoy our holidays a little closer to home! There are lots of beautiful beaches and gorgeous nature parks located all over the UK. Perfect for a sunny summers day. 

A lot of people are yet to discover and explore what is on their door step. As we are so inclined to save up and get away. However, there really is no place like home and I think the past 12 months have really proven this. 

Planning a day to get up and out and explore the treasures nearby your home is a must this summer! Plan the day like you would if you were in a different city or country. Find new places to eat, new places to go on a walk and simply enjoy a day in your home town!

If you are still craving a little more escapism after exploring what’s to offer on your door step. When you arrive home use your favourite Delilah Chloe products in the Seven Seas scent.. you won’t regret it! 


Seven Seas by Delilah Chloe is designed for those moments of reminiscing about those days and evenings spent relaxing by the shore. With its soft tones of Bergamot and Amber scents you’ll truly be able to create a sense of escapism.

Picture that perfect paradise and let your worries float away one by one. A beautiful, balmy scent with heart notes of rich amber and the addition of exotic coconut and bergamot.

Available in a number of products this scent will be sure to enhance your staycation. Take a shower and nourish your skin with this gorgeous scent whilst using our luxurious bath and body wash, followed by our luxury bath and body lotion to enhance your skins softness. 

Have our Seven Seas Plug-in air freshener flowing through the home whilst you are out exploring and come back home to a beautiful balmy scent. Alternatively you could light our luxury candle to enhance the aroma in your room!

We really hope you can sit back, relax and enjoy your staycation this year.

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