The Best Places for Diffusers around the Home

Having a variety of distinctive, skilfully blended fragrances in your home can assist to boost your wellbeing and ensure that you always feel good when you walk in that space.

We spend so much time focused on the appearance of our homes, but the mood of a home can be just as essential. So, here are some tips on how to use diffusers to elevate your living environment and create a welcome home that you can’t wait to return to.

Enter your home feeling instantly happy.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a large corridor; this solution will still work! Our recommendation is to place a diffuser at your entrance door. It will work great if you have a shelf where you keep your keys or mail.

With our Delilah Chloe fragrances I’ve experienced this first-hand and have many customers who tell me similar stories. But I’ve had it many times when the food delivery man knocks on and comments about how amazing the home smells, and he’s on the driveaway!  

Not only do you get greeted by gorgeous scents every time you walk in the home, but the hallway is a great central point for those fragrances to reach upstairs as well.

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Make your working space an escape.

If you’ve shifted to working from home life, creating a space you can feel motivated and creative in is crucial! Adding a refreshing scent to your home office space can make a huge difference to your productivity.

We recommend fresh and uplifting scents for the office space, such as our Islands which is a perfect blend of Lime, Basil and Mandarin.

A bathroom that smells SOOOOOO good!

Of course, one of the best spaces in the home to place a diffuser would have to be the bathroom. Placing a Reed Diffuser in the bathroom space not only helps create a sanctuary and spa like feel, but it also helps to eliminate any bad odours that may arise. (We’ll leave that one there).

For the bathroom areas we recommend our Serenity fragrance which is a calming blend of Lemongrass and Ginger. Serenity is perfect for creating that at-home spa experience and it’s a must have for those moments of escapism!

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Gather in the living room.

The living room is the area the whole family join together to sit down and relax after a hard day. And what better way to unwind after a hard day than getting comfortable in a gorgeous smelling space.

The living room is also the space your guests are likely to sit and get comfortable when visiting, so making sure it smells inviting is essential. For the living room area we simply suggest you put your favourite Delilah Chloe scent in there, at the end of the day, that’s what will truly make you happy and relaxed.


So there we go, the perfect spots around the home to place your Delilah Chloe reed diffusers. We’d love to hear other areas around the home that you place your diffusers, share your inspiration with us over on Instagram and we’ll let our followers know your top tips for scenting the home!