What type of home fragrance is best?

Your home is your sanctuary. You spend hours perfecting the décor for each room in your home to ensure every fine detail is in line with your vision. The finishing touch is to fine the perfect scent to bring your vision to life. Scents help tell a story and people will often be reminded of memories through scents.

Whilst choosing your scent you also need to decide how you are going to add scent into your rooms. Whether that be a candle for a burst of scent or a long-lasting aroma from your diffuser. This blog will give you some tips and tricks on where is best to place your home fragrance goodies in the home.


Who doesn’t love the relaxing regime of coming home, lighting a candle and being able to relax. Candles create such a relaxing atmosphere and are perfect to add a burst of long-lasting fragrance to the room. Our Delilah Chloe candles are perfect to have in the home as they are made up using a soy wax blend meaning they are toxin free and eco-friendly – you can even reuse the jar! To ensure you have the best experience with your candle we suggest burning for 3 hours at a time and always trim the wick! Check out our Candle Care blog post for more tips.

Favourite Location: Bedroom or Lounge


A hassle-free way of having your favourite scent flowing through! Not only are our Delilah Chloe reed diffusers the perfect way to have fuss free fragrance but they are an elegant decorative piece to have in your home. Delilah Chloe diffusers are wonderful for ensuring a constant flow of fragrance wherever they are placed. With the correct care and occasional flipping of the reeds our diffusers last on average 12-15 weeks!

Check out Kirstys top tip for Reed Diffusers in her feature on Appeal to the senses: 15 expert top tips to deodorise your home‘.

Favourite Location: Bathroom or Hallway


Our Delilah Chloe Wax melts are the best way to have a subtle scent flowing all day. Simply break a quarter of the melt into a burner, light your tealight and you’re ready for a full day of beautiful flowing fragrance! Like our candles, our wax melts are lovingly hand poured and made up of a soy wax blend which are toxin free and perfect to have around children and fur babies. 

Favourite Location: Home office


The newest product to our Delilah Chloe collection is our luxury room sprays! The best thing about our room sprays is that you can control the level of fragrance you are putting into the room whether you want to bring it to life or subtly set the mood our room sprays are perfect to every occasion. We absolutely love room sprays as a quick way to cover up another smell whether this may be after cooking a meal or disguising your pets smell whilst you have guests round. Our Delilah Chloe room spray works wonders in any location and is a beautiful bottle to have on display too!

Favourite Location: Lounge/Living area or Kitchen

Now you have spent so long deciding where to place your Delilah Chloe home fragrance products you need to decide your favourite scents if you don’t have one already. Head over to our fragrances page to see in-depth explanations of each scent. If you still can’t make up your mind order our Delilah Chloe experience set so you can get a feel for every scent!

We hope you fall in love with Delilah Chloe just like we did. Follow our journey on Instagram and if you have any queries just drop us a message! X