Work From Home Re-fresh!

Working from home? Refresh your Work From Home space to enhance your focus, motivation and morale!

It is so important that the space you’re working in feels clean, organised and practical so you can achieve your best every day without getting distracted by other things in and around your home. 


I think it goes without saying that working behind a computer most of the day can cause sore eyes by Friday afternoon. If possible try make your work space in front of a window to allow the natural light to come through and interrupt your screen time for a moment. Studies show that natural light helps with concentration and focus. It also allows your body to become more alert when in natural light, as this is where your best work takes place.

Do you know the 20/20/20 rule?

  • Every 20 minutes,
  • Take a 20 second break,
  • And look at something 20 feet away!

It will prevent digital eye strain and gives you a moment to recapture your focus. Another fantastic reason to move your desk closer to a window!


It is important to feel stimulated whilst working from the comfort of our own home. Certain aromas can improve our brains chemistry! As being away from the office, and the usual day-to-day smells can be subconsciously, de-motivating. Making your WFH space smell inviting and uplifting will help you feel less stressed and increase your inspiration. One way this can be done is by having one of our Luxury Delilah Chloe Diffusers set up in your home office space, to provide a gorgeous long-lasting fragrance for the day!


When sat in the same place all day, 5 days a week you don’t want décor that you don’t like and causes you a headache. Therefore, neutral / minimal décor and furnishings are best to have in a work space, so you don’t get distracted. With this being said you don’t want a boring, de-motivating space. An in-between balance is best. Inspiring quotes or tranquil beaches are perfect idea for wall art. In your moments of frustration, they will help you feel calm and regain your focus.

Work From Home is set to become the norm as companies have realised that great results can still be achieved away from the office. Which is super beneficial as it saves time commuting and is more cost efficient. We hope these simple, yet achievable tips have inspired you and your work from home space!